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From Left to Right, Les Stowell,Tina Ngatai, Ken Raureti, Moyra Bramley, Barnett Vercoe, Maramena Vercoe

Onuku Trustees meet monthly to oversee the trust business.  The trust has a policy of Rotation so every 2nd year, two trustees retire.  They are able to restand for their positions.  The trust AGM is held on the third Saturday of February each year and every second year, the trust organises a visit to the farm after the AGM for owners.

To request more information:

Contact General Manager

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

0274 830359

You can also request more information with this form:

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Farm Supervisor

Peter Livingston of Agfirst oversees the farming operations of Onuku and also provides strategic input to the board.  The Agfirst team provide many services and help to ensure the farming operations run smoothly.


Trust Manager

Angela Wharekura, Te Ahi Ka Consultancy, provides general management and administrative services to the Board of Trustees



Owen Mitai Wells from Deloitte provide Accounting services to Onuku

Custodian Trustee

 Perpetual Guardian Rotorua provides Custodian Trustee Services for Onuku as well as providing registry services for the maintaining of the owners register

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