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Onuku Māori Lands proud Ahuwhenua Award winners

Moyra Bramley, Chairperson of Onuku Māori Lands Trust

Onuku Māori Lands Trust are extremely proud to receive the prestigious Ahuwhenua Award. 
We are very thankful to the sponsors and organisers of the award who have been fantastic to work with through the process.  The trust also acknowledges Mawhera Incorporation who have been great competition for the award.   
The award is a credit not only to the current Trustees, Management and Farm Advisor, but also to those trustees, administration and farm staff who have faithfully and diligently been a kaitiaki of the lands till now. 
Our chairperson, Moyra Te Ariki Bramley, has been involved in the trust since the lands were handed back to the owners control in 1982  and it is a great acknowledgment to her for the trust to receive this accolade.  
The trust also acknowledges the current farm staff on all farms and more particularly Alan Rondon who is the manager of boundary road and a descendant of one of the inaugural trustees.  It was appreciated that Alan took on the entry into the Ahuwhenua awards in his first year on Boundary Road. 
The Trust has a focus on its over 4000 owners, and distributes education grants, kaumatua grants, annual owners grant and is now looking to provide employment in its businesses to Onuku owners. 
It is also looking to diversify its operations away from traditional dairy and has in the last two years established Onuku Honey which now exports around the world and invested in Origins Software, a finalist in the 2018 High Tech Awards.  The trust hopes to build its brand to direct market other primary produce from its farms in the future.  This year it is also involved in a joint venture Dairy Sheep breeding project which the trustees are very excited about.   
Our trust keeps a strong focus on environmental sustainability for the future and looking after the taonga that is Onuku for the next generations.  

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