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Message from Te Whaea o Te Poari of Onuku Maori Lands Trust

In 2020, Moyra Bramley was appointed to a new role within the trust to acknowledge her mana and continued importance to the trust governance. As Te Whaea o Te Poari, she provides a leading role and is a living taonga.


Ko Moyra Te Ariki Bramley taku ingoa

Ko Ngati Mahi te hapu

Ko Rangitihi te iwi

Ko Tarawera te maunga

Ko Onuku te whenua.


I am Te Whaea o Te Poari and former chairperson of Onuku Maori Lands Trust and have been a trustee since the land was returned in 1982.


It is with much pleasure, pride and satisfaction , that I am able to embrace the modem technology and welcome you all to our own website, in the hope that you will be able to get up to date with  the progress of your asset.


Onuku Maori Lands Trust has grown   by $I million per annum since being returned to owners control and there have many milestones along the way as we have developed the farm to maximise its potential.


This website will take you on a journey of discovery of what your farm looks like and how it has evolved over the last 30 years.

It has been a wondrous journey for me particularly, as I have watched it grow and produce from the beginning, and I am privileged to be here to witness another major milestone, in which we have exceeded a million dollars-plus surplus for the very first time. It is something we should all be proud of and it shows the dedication of the staff and trustees in achieving such spectacular results.


Many trustees have passed through the ranks of Onuku Maori Lands Trust since 1982 and all have made valuable contributions to this success, so we must not forget their involvement in the evolution of Onuku Maori Lands Trust.


It is our responsibility to make sure we leave the land in a better state than when we received it, so we intend to pass that legacy on to the future generations when it is their tum to be the kaitiaki of this valuable and very special tupuna whenua.


Embrace this tool and join us as we all journey forth into the future. Welcome to Onuku Maori Lands Trust Website.


Moyra Te Ariki Bramley 

Onuku Maori Land Trust

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